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6 months ago I started to experience daily back pain and fatigue.  By the end of each day, I felt exhausted and cranky.  It was a challenge to maintain my normal exercise routine.  I have 3 young boys, so it was not an acceptable situation.  I've visited chiropractors in the past and knew I needed treatment.  I called Dr. Stopa and after following his treatment plan, I now have no back pain and have a high energy level.  I am able to exercise at a higher, more vigorous level.  Now I get adjustments on a regular basis so I can maintain my active demanding lifestyle.

- Kari B., March 2012



I highly recommend Dr. Stopa as a healthcare provider; his knowledge and skill put me at great ease.  He’s made a very positive impact on my life; he ended the agonizing daily back pain I suffered with for over 3yrs. The pain horribly impacted my daily life and ability to sleep.  I tried several treatments (physical therapy, massage, prolotherapy & cortisone injections) I'd also been unsuccessfully treated for 2yrs by a Chiropractor who told me I'd likely suffer with daily pain for the rest of my life.  I noticed a difference after my 1st visit with Dr. Stopa.  In a few weeks my daily constant pain greatly decreased in frequency and intensity (despite the impact on my body 4d/wk from rhythm and ballroom dancing) For maintenance, I now only see Dr. Stopa on a monthly basis and ecstatic to report I rarely have an issue with the pain that overwhelmed and subdued me for so long. The office as a whole is friendly and warm, I’m always promptly greeted with a cheerful smile.

- Elizabeth M., 2011 (taken from



Last June my family and I left Northville and moved to the East Coast.  With all of the heartache of leaving friends and the excitement of new beginnings, the one aspect of moving away that I was very concerned about was finding good chiropractic care.


I had a long history of structural problems that I won't bore with you.  What I will tell you is that when I became a patient at Main Street Family Chiropractic Center, I got my life back.  I'm a very active person, a wife and a mother.  I love sports, hiking and going to the gym.  Back, hip and neck pain used to restrict all my activity.  I couldn't sit or stand for long periods of time.  Going for walks was something I rarely did because of pain.  In short, my forty-something body felt like a seventy-something body.  When I became a patient of Dr. Stopa's eight years ago, I never looked back.  His care throughout those years enabled me to live my life the way I wanted to.  He always made me feel like my structural well being was most important with every visit.  After I was stabilized, I came for regular maintenance visits.  With each visit, I always felt like I got the same great care that I got the first day I walked into that office.  Over the course of my years as a patient, I have had injuries to my back and knee, all a result from feeling good and often "playing" too hard.  Because of Dr. Stopa's care, there is no question in my mind that I avoided knee surgery and months of physical rehabilitation.  I would not be the active person I am right now without the care that I received from Main Street Family Chiropractic Center.  Because of that, I will be a lifelong advocate for chiropractic care.


Over the years that I was a patient there, I came to know and was always extremely impressed with the office staff.  They were always very friendly, kind and compassionate.  I was also always impressed with the continuing patient education that they provide.  All of the staff have been with "Doc" for several years and it's very evident to me that they are all committed to the mission of chiropractic care that he commands. 


Since I moved from Northville, I have yet to find a chiropractic office that even comes close to the quality of full-service care that Min Street Family Chiropractic Center provides, but I'm still looking and hoping.  We're heading back to Northville in a few short days for a visit and we have a long list of "must do's".  I have an appointment for an adjustment with "Doc".


- Betsy M., 2011



Well! Definitely a 5 star rating! There is no one more qualified in the state to care for the many issues that may arise because of back problems. Things you wouldn't normally think would be a symptom of spinal misalignment, like headaches, shoulder and neck pain, twitching, tingling sensations throughout you body. Shooting, stabbing, dull, sharp pain doesn't matter Dr. Stopa will correct the problem and you will be back doing all the activities you once enjoyed. I didn't even have a sore back when I ended up there; I thought I was losing my mind! I was to the point that when I sat down or laid down my whole body would go into a state of constant twitching and muscle spasms. It was affecting me mentally and physically. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep. I tried my doctor and she told me to take some anxiety medicine, it's all in my head! I knew that wasn't it and made an appointment with Doc and have never looked back. It turns out that the compression on the nerves that travel through your spine can be so slight as to not cause actual pain but other symptoms equally as distressing to your body. He gets invited to work on Olympic Athletes, Detroit Derby Girls, NHS Football Team. It's not what he does, it’s who he is! If you are determined to be active throughout you life only the best chiropractor will do! Dr. Stopa! Five Stars!


- Mandy S., 2011 (taken from



I have had the privilege of getting chiropractic care from Dr. Stopa at Main Street Family Chiropractic Center for 2 years now.  I originally began going to him for treatment after an injury to my right knee while I was running up-hill with my grandkids in their runner’s stroller.  I was skeptical that Dr. Stopa could help me with an injury to my knee, but with a very persistent daughter on my case, who happens to work for Dr. Stopa, I finally relented and have not stopped going to the center since that first visit 2 years ago. 


I am a runner and at times I have been very determined to keep “running through the pain”.  Doc has been very patient with me and would just work with me during these times, then lecture me and work with me some more.  I have become much better at listening to his advice and am much healthier because of it.  I get regular “tune-ups” as Doc calls them, and if I injure myself from playing too hard, I am much quicker to get into the center for treatment than I used to.  I have also attended a couple of Dr. Stopa’s lectures at the Northville Library and Genettis and found them to be very informative and interesting in regards to sports, health and chiropractic care. 


I am a 52 year old woman who is very active in running, going to the gym and practicing yoga.  I don’t think I would be able to do the things I do without the chiropractic care I have received from Dr. Stopa.  I would recommend Main Street Family Chiropractic Center to anyone interested in the longevity of their health and well being.

Especially if you run….up-hill….with grandkids in tow!


- Deborah D., 2011



We have become believers of Chiropractic care after our now 27 month old daughter Lilyann has had great improvements in her health.  We began visiting Dr. Stopa in October 2008 after Lily was diagnosed with reactive airway disease (at 17 months).  Lily has also had chronic ear infections.  In fact, she has had so many ear infections she was sent to an ear, nose and throat specialist to discuss putting tubes in her ears.  Although the journey since October 2008 has had its ups and downs, I feel confident that Dr. Stopa has improved Lily’s health dramatically.  During those downs of getting colds or ear infections, we felt Dr. Stopa took excellent care of our daughter and with each “episode” her immune system was able to fight off more.  Lilyann has not had to use her nebulizer since November 2008 and in June 2009 when we saw the ears, nose and throat specialist, it was stated that her ears look clear and didn’t need tubes put in them.  We credit these improvements to her receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Stopa.


- Justin and Heather W., 2009



Dr. Stopa and his staff has helped me through two pregnancies, screened both of the babies and helped my husband recover from an injury.  Their care is genuine and all are incredibly knowledgeable.  Dr. Stopa is exceptionally professional and the staff is very friendly.


Meaghan, 2008 (Google Review)